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Our set of solutions are directed at the scarcity of potable water and the exhaustive efforts required to obtain it. By implementing well-documented filtration and water collection and storage methods, conserving water in agriculture, and getting youth involved in the issue of water scarcity facing their community, we hope to drastically improve the accessibility of potable water over time.

Removing common contaminants such as uranium and arsenic can make accessible water sources safe for use

Groundwater collection and rain water collection techniques can be improved to increase water availability

Agriculture is an important part of Diné culture and economy. If more sustainable agricultural practice can be implemented, water can be diverted to other areas of need

Getting youth involved in working with and learning about new water initiatives that address water security issues in their community is important

To produce an in-depth and effective implementation plan, we evaluated our solutions for a subset of Diné Bikéyah: the Bodaway Gap of the Western Agency.