Region-specific words used on this site

Agency – One of five large divisions of Navajo Nation: Chinle Agency, Eastern Navajo Agency/Crown Point, Fort Defiance Agency, Shiprock Agency, and Western Navajo Agency/Tuba City.

Chapter – One of 110 small divisions of Navajo Nation.

Diné (di-NAY) – Explicitly translated to “the people,” this is a word that is meant to represent both the people who are connected to the Diné Bikéyah.

Diné Bikéyah (di-NAY bi-KAY-uh) – An alternative name for the land of the Navajo Nation. Literally means “people’s sacred lands” in Navajo.

Dinétah (di-NAY-tah) – “Among the people”. Refers to the spiritual view of the Diné’s original lands encompassed by the four sacred mountains.

Nizhonigo ‘lina (Neez-HO-nee-goh LEE-nuh) – “Beauty way of life.” A key Navajo principle.